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Why should we trust God? We blame natural disasters and the weather on Him. We flippantly use His name in an occasional OMG. We question His goodness or existence when bad things happen. But can we truly know Him? Can we be sure of His goodness?

The Bible is full of stories that reveal God’s character. By meditating on these stories, we can know and trust the God we serve.

Let's learn to trust Him together.

Overview of the book

What would it have felt like to be loved by Boaz or pursued by Hosea? What emotions flew through the heart of the woman caught in adultery?

In The Compelling Heart of Christ, Carrie L. Jones retells familiar Bible stories in a way that allows the reader to experience the heart of God.  By mixing historical fiction with personal testimony, this devotional makes the character of God relevant to the hearts of women today. Meditating on His compelling heart will help women trust God with their own.

My Journey

I will never forget the first time I read Hosea chapter two. The imagery and language captivated my heart. As I studied this little book I saw God’s passionate pursuit of His people in a new light and I knew I had to write about it. It took me over ten years of study, struggle and self-doubt to finally bring this book to print. May the stories told inside it help you recognize how God is wooing you and is worthy of all the trust you give Him.

About the author
Carrie L. Jones

Carrie L. Jones is a mom raising four boys.  You may run into her at the grocery store, at school pick up, or watching her kids in children’s theater productions, band concerts or soccer games.  She’s been married to her husband, Eric, for twenty years. She is passionate about the Word of God and loves to find memorable treasures within it that help empower and equip women.


By retelling Bible stories and mixing them with personal testimony Carrie shares with readers where she finds Jesus powerfully irresistible. Fill out the contact form below and share when you have encountered the compelling heart of Christ in your life.

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