The Compelling Heart of Christ – Small Group Bundle (10 Books)
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How can I know God is good and that He loves me?

Using dramatic biblical accounts, along with engaging personal stories and illustrations from the lives of contemporary women, author Carrie L. Jones demonstrates the heart of God up close and personally. Creative narratives bring the characters’ thoughts and emotions to life, providing readers with a glimpse into God’s heart and an opportunity to connect with Him emotionally. Strip away all religious assumption, and take a fresh look at the loving character of Christ. You will find a loving and trustworthy Man, worthy of your devotion and trust.



Are you longing to know God’s love in your life? Do you question if you are worthy of His love? Experience God’s passionate and persistent love for you by encountering the irresistible nature of Jesus through the lives of biblical characters and of women today. Through the creative retelling of classic Bible stories and candid glimpses into her own life and the lives of other women, Carrie L. Jones guides readers to know and experience the compassionate and compelling love of Christ.

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